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Compare Tait & Associates to other law firms and you'll see why our clients prefer Tait & Associates. 

While other high volume "traffic ticket mills" will take your money and show up in court for your case (and twenty other cases) hoping the police officer doesn't show up to trial (or worse, just plead you guilty and ask for traffic school), informed clients choose Tait & Associates because they want the best chance to win.  

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Tait & Associates will help you avoid costly consequences.

Our experienced lawyers and defense experts will give you professional advice and the best chance of winning your case.   In some cases, an initial reaction may be that “the legal fees are as much as or more than the ticket; why should I hire a lawyer?”  However, it is important to consider that a conviction can have serious and costly consequences that can reach far beyond that original conviction: 

·   License Suspension:  Keeping points off your driving record is a critical part of your defense.  An excessive number of points can result in the loss of your license which can dramatically affect not only your day-to-day life, but can also result in the loss of your job or the reluctance of an employer to hire you in the future. If you continue to drive on a suspended license, you can be arrested on a misdemeanor charge with serious penalties like jail and probation.  

·   Increased Insurance Rates:  A traffic conviction can cause your auto insurance rates to increase by hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year, not just in the year of conviction but for many years after.  Insurance costs may increase by close to $900 over 3 years for just one speeding ticket.  If you have several convictions on your record, your rates may double or triple; you may even find it impossible to obtain insurance at all.   

·   Bad Credit: Your credit rating may be affected if you miss a court date or if you are convicted and fail to handle payment of any fines properly. 

·   Traffic School:  If you choose to just plead guilty at the outset, you may, in some instances, be eligible for the Traffic School point dismissal program. However, even with a traffic school dismissal, you will still pay the fine and the cost of traffic school and the record of the violation remains with the Department of Motor Vehicles. (Although the point should not show up on your record, your insurance company may learn about the case and increase your premiums anyway.) 

Because of the long-term consequences, we encourage all our clients to work with us to try and get their cases dismissed first, either by defending themselves or hiring us, and use traffic school only as a last resort.  Note: The Court generally has discretion to either grant or deny traffic school.  As well, level one traffic school is not generally available for people with a commercial driver’s license, people who have already been to traffic school within 18 months, people who have had another ticket recently, and people who have a mandatory court appearance. 

These are just some of the reasons why it is critical that you consider the long-term consequences of your decision on how best to handle your case, not just the cost of the ticket or the short-term legal fees.   

Our Traffic Ticket Defense

In some cases, it may be wise to try to get your case dismissed first in a “Trial by Written Declaration” or TBD*.  The TBD is a way to contest your case in writing without making a court appearance.  You, with our assistance, and the police officer will each submit a written statement of the facts of the case after which a judge or commissioner will review the declarations and make a decision on the case.  

If you are found guilty in that written trial, we can defend you in a second court trial where we have an even better chance to win because we will have all the evidence from the first trial to help us.   *Note: The TBD is NOT available if you are charged with a serious traffic crime like a misdemeanor or felony unless we first get your charges reduced to a traffic infraction.  

Misdemeanor and Felony Criminal Defense (including DUI)

If you are convicted of any DUI or other misdemeanor or felony criminal offense, the consequences are very serious and your entire life may be impacted.  You could be facing a substantial fine of more than $1,000, suspension of your driver’s license, a jail sentence and a long period of probation with mandatory screening and counseling.  You may also face other negative consequences like the loss of reputation, loss of your job, and the inability to obtain future employment.  The impact on your family may be just as harsh.  In DUI and other misdemeanor and felony cases, it is critical that you hire an experienced attorney immediately to protect your rights and provide a strong defense.  If you are indigent and cannot afford a private attorney, then a public defender may be appointed to represent you.  Trying to defend yourself in serious cases of this nature is strongly discouraged.

We are different from other traffic law firms, speeding ticket attorneys, and traffic ticket lawyers.

When choosing a lawyer to defend you in court please take a moment to read what we offer our clients depending on the type of defense package or additional upgrades selected.*

• Helpful Staff*
• 24/7 Message Center*
• Sameday Callbacks and Email Reply by Attorney*
• Regular Case Updates by Phone and/or Email*
• Online Status Checks*
• Case Analyst/Client Interview*
• Attorney Case Review*
• Dedicated Litigation Manager*
• Managing Attorney Oversight*
• Experienced Trial Attorney*
• Attorney/Client Pretrial Review*
• Case Analyst Review*
• Attorney Strategy Review*
• Legal Research by Law Clerk*
• Copies of all documents
• 24/7 Attorney access
• Full Case Investigation
• Witness Interviews
• Traffic Engineering Investigation
• Traffic Engineering Review
• Traffic Safety Expert Review
• Public Records Request
• Subpoena of Key Records
• Discovery Request
• Online Access to Documents
• Pretrial Negotiation
• Pretrial Motions & Briefing
• Pretrial Motion Hearings
• Pretrial Attorney/Client Conference
• Trial Brief
• Sentencing Memoranda
• Appellate Briefing
• Appellate Oral Argument

*Tait & Associates offers all these services depending on the type of defense package selected and additional upgrades chosen by the client. Services marked with an asterisk are provided to every client regardless of the defense package or upgrade selected.

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