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FIGHT your Photo Ticket to WIN!

Tait & Associates attorneys are experts at fighting photo tickets like red light camera tickets and photo radar tickets. Our attorneys have won hundreds of these cases and our director Arthur Tait is one of the nation’s leading experts in litigation against automated
enforcement systems (computer cops).

Photo tickets are prosecution for profit. Red light camera tickets, photo radar citations, speed camera violations, automated enforcement systems all spell one thing – TAX SCAM. These systems are peddled to the government by private companies under the guise of public safety, but in reality they are nothing more than prosecution for profit.

These computer cops represent the first major wave of privatization and computerization of law enforcement. The computers generate millions and millions of dollars a month using an age-old method of traffic law enforcement to take advantage of poor traffic engineering conditions (like short yellow lights) to generate additional revenue for cities that would rather use the criminal justice system or civil parking system to gouge and extort money from the public instead of truly making the roads safer by fixing the traffic engineering problems.w

Thousands of legally innocent people have been falsely accused by red light cameras! Just because you see a picture of you allegedly running a red light or speeding does NOT mean that you are legally guilty or civilly liable. There are many variable that affect the accuracy of a computer’s accusations against us.

Remember, you are being accused by a computer, not a human police officer. Anyone who has had a computer freeze-up or crash knows who imperfect and error-prone computers can be. It is the data - not the pictures - that prove guilt; the data created by the computer is the critical evidence against you. And just like every other computer in the world, computer cops have regular data errors, software glitches, hardware malfunctions, maintenance problems, and repair issues.

Tait & Associates attorney Arthur Tait appeared on international news for his unique success against these photo-cops. He taught seminars on automated enforcement litigation to judges, traffic commissioners, lawyers and traffic engineers.

Tait personally designed our winning defense system against red light cameras. Although we cannot guarantee we will win every case, we will give you the best chance of winning your case and keeping it off your record. We can also help you determine if it is worth fighting

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Click here for a partial list of our Red Light Photo ticket victories (335 WINS, 13 Pretrial Settlements!)


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